Promotional Items

Magnetic Calendars

Magnetic Calendars in digital Printing in Canada. These calendars are very cost effective and highly appreciated by the end-users. They are a great giveaway as a new year gift which keeps reminding your clients about you round the year.

Wall Calendars

A well tested marketing tool that is visible for a great number of people all year long.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs have been a favourite high-end souvenir since long. Now with the advent of full colour printing they have become popular again.

USB Memory Sticks

The most favorite giveaway of the modern times, It comes in many capacities and an unlimited designs and customization options. Even we can get USB’s with bodies custom manufactured, Promotional Items in digital Printing in Canada.


Pens with custom printing are there since long and are still a favorite giveaways. They are very economical yet cost effective choice as a pen keeps your name visible for many months. We offer pens in a great variety.

Sticky Notes

If your potential clients work in an office environment then a sticky note is an effective way of reminding not only them of you but also to those to whom they will send a document with the sticky note on it.


Notepads are a great tool for in house use as well as a giveaway for marketing purpose. Various sizes, stock weight and colour and the choice of number of sheets per pad are available.